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NanoBots 0.9

NanoBots 0.9

NanoBots Publisher's Description

The year is 2012 and life on earth is about to end...

Back in 2003 an elite group of scientists working in a government lab at Los Alamos discovered the "fountain of youth" for mankind. After years of very promising results they had finally succeeded in creating a DNA modified virus that was capable of rejuvenating damaged human cells. For three years OctoVirus was tested on thousands of terminally ill subjects with one hundred percent success. No disease was a match for the healing powers of this new creation! During the following seven years OctoVirus doses were administered to eighty five percent of the earth's population. Once in the bloodstream, OctoVirus maintained the human body in top notch condition and was passed on to new generations. Scientists predicted life spans of near seven thousand years and with our new found longevity mankind began preparations to populate the galaxy.

Then things went to hell...

OctoVirus has mutated and people are dying. The lab had a couple years advanced notice that something was going terribly wrong but realized that only panic would result from notifying the masses without a way to stop the mutation. OctoVirus had been designed to require a very small number of red blood cells from its host in exchange for the near immortality it gave, this was considered a fair trade by most of humanity. In 2010 the lab began to notice a very slight change in the coloration of red blood cells, OctoVirus was "improving" its food supply by attaching a strand of mutant DNA! There was only one way to attempt to stop this disaster.


In 2002, before Palm OS and the QMAP Molecular Processor made all other computers obsolete, a small lab in Arizona was developing the M-5 Neural Net Computer. M-5 provided the lab a means to train and download simulated neural network intelligence to a new breed of robotics nano-scale machines. NanoBots had been conceived as a species of injectable robots that could repair damaged cells but with the creation of OctoVirus most development on NanoBots and Simulated Neural Networks had come to a halt.

November, 2010...

Phone rings at TCL... "Gary, this is Doctor Cantor at Los Alamos, we've got a problem down here!"

That was two years ago. TCL and Los Alamos have been working on the problem since that day. Realizing that twenty years of programming would be required to bring Neural Network technology back up to speed, a plan was devised to enlist the processing power of the entire Palm community. To that end, we have put together a simulation of the problem to run on the worlds newest Super Computers (Palm OS QMAP machines, backward compatible with all Palm Color OS machines). Now the only hope for humanity is to teach the tiny NanoBot to mount a killing assault on OctoVirus and scrub the foreign DNA from damaged blood cells.

The NanoBot training simulation is being made available through the worlds largest handheld software distributor in order to reach the planets most creative minds before it's too late. There is a lot more to this story but that will have to wait, time's running out...

The registered version of M-5 is included free when you register NanoBot!
The first person to email TCL a NNbot memo that consistently eliminates OctoVirus and repairs damaged cells will receive a full refund of their registration fee and may go down in history for saving the world!

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